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The programs that you need for running this page are :

Flash Player for viewing flash movie clips (.swf) 


Winzip for opening simulation files (.zip)  


OrCAD Capture & PSpice AD Demo for running simulations(.opj) 

  • Download 9.1 Demo (27.2 MB) or
  • Download 10.0 Demo (174 MB) after a registration

Windows Media Player for viewing the videos (.wmv)





You can watch the videos to see how to open and run the simulation   


   How to open and run the zipped simulation files (.wmv 392kB)

   How to create a simple circuit and a simulation in OrCAD PSpice Demo (.wmv 460kB)


In simulations we use the library files bc547c.lib (npn), bc557.lib (pnp) and Hewlett Packard CMOS26G.lib (which contains models of PMOS and NMOS transistors)